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twenty eight minutes absolute panic now this will happen again and the panic and then we're going to run for issue man using a button to press the right button and set over nuclear exchange so that is why there are risks of axis of very great in this tense atmosphere that we have we can't trust to luck we know the cuban missile crisis was narrowly averted as a result of response in the behavior on the part of the russian federation or the soviet union at the time and the united states but we got always trust to luck and that is why we need to have better controls with regard to the possibility of nuclear more being settled so america's nuclear modernization is underway and detractors are crying foul over a potential new arms race but isn't what a nice making the weapons and the arsenal safe are more up to date better everybody
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is modernizing their weapons and by modernization it does not mean that you are making it safe it may be modernizing you are building bigger and better weapons and refining the systems that you are using. and that is where it is very dangerous to continue with this modernization as a dismantling of weapons is the way to go as you did build there were by that alarms agreements between the also it union and the united states and. multilateral agreements so we need to move now to us actually having talks between the nuclear weapons saves so that we reduce the level of danger. all right ambassador we're going to take a break right now when we're back we'll continue discussing whether global disarmament is a realistic goal was chanted on apollo the former united nations undersecretary for disarmament it's our state.
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it's going to. release the memo russia gate more cindy f.b.i. gates also are the u.s. and turkey on the path to confrontation in syria and the great debate jordan peterson is called one army and is taking the internet by storm. we're back with jon todd on apollo the former united nations undersecretary for disarmament affairs discussing global disarmament issues
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a master of the pentagon is proposing a nuclear response to devastating cyber attacks previously only extreme biology call attacks warranted a nuclear response and the u.s. doctrine as does a sign that nuclear weapon use is becoming more acceptable in military minds or is it just posturing to scare potential adversaries and i mean we shouldn't worry about it too much. the new nuclear posture review of the example of illustration has been leaked and we don't know over there it's an accurate measure of what is the actual nuclear posture review but that it will imply that new weapons systems are being planned by the united states more money is going to be watered for nuclear weapons and this is not you is fading i think we need to wait until really when the real nuclear posture review will come out until one of the situation was much better we had a nuclear posture review which had progress somewhat from its serious origins under
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bush but now it seems to be played backwards and i think we have to be very very careful but i like to look at it was a two sided i don't read twenty two countries well to last year to conclude a treaty which is going to ban nuclear weapons now we just feel that the nine countries that have the weapons of not to need to eat. me majority have actually we're going to we're going to get back to what you're saying later because i want to ask a couple of questions about the nuclear posturing or united states because hypothetically speaking if there isn't a clear response how they will be sure to properly attribute the blame for a cyber attack i mean is it really impossible to tell who is responsible for that sort of thing well i think there is sufficient. refinement of these systems now to be able to source an attack that comes because there are various
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ways in mit's activities on the sender scare can be traced and there are what they call evil ecological needs of iran if you are wrong and then you hit someone else accidentally an innocent until they have a risk. well it is it is a risk but i think people are loaded up that risk unless they are very certain of being able to get the target that the enemy will also investor in the beginning of the program you have mentioned the cyber danger for nuclear weapons i mean do you mean that they can really be hacked from outside are they really that unprotected as you claim there is a risk of it and that i think has to be judged and that has to be taken into account by those who manage nuclear weapon systems then surely it all risks a limit because even one percent of the risk is intolerable because that would need
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all the destruction of your nuclear system as well as perhaps the accidental explosion of a nuclear warhead so. if we look at statistics right not happens at a cost to years ahead some people was enough to show us all that it's like way too much already for seventy years we have prophetic may explode haven't actually sent them into action perhaps that's just the way it's going to be i mean having the weapons but not using them and really what's wrong with that you can be sure absolutely a hundred percent sure that the weapons will be there and not use because someone will want to risk using it somebody will decide to play. chicken or something like that who on this issue well we may have another cuban missile crisis where we go right to the edge and then don't abandon the possibility of using it
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because we'll sense may not prove it. you propose an iran deal type of scenario to get the international community out of the data and that they nuclear disarmament talks are currently in the iran deal was a huge diplomatic breakthrough but look where it is now i mean president trump is threatening to scrap it i mean does this mean that the collective effort and the will of the international community will always be left at the mercy of superpowers . unfortunately it will be left to us from civil suit was because you remember that under obama the united states agreed to having the knee went with the iranians and it was working really well it's fact from all accounts which a year which is monitoring the implementation the a.j.c. be always working very well and distance from pres no justification except be pushed into this by an italian who has his own motives in doing this so we need to
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listen not to the hawks dissolves and i think that is what is important in the current global situation that we have shot like is that on the world stage donald trump is behaving much more radically than his predecessor and listen issues like north korea and iran even though nothing too horrible has been done yet and is making everyone uneasy as this was going to be from now on the us being at odds with the international community a person provocative the plan to say or do they really wants trumps term is over it will just go back to how things were before what so what we don't know where his term is going to be all because he's been elected for four years and he'll probably run again for the elections or whether even when of course depends already is related to rating is way of knowing in the united states and yes there are some indications that we need to be lections we're not ruling it's fair we don't depend
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on these vagaries of the electoral system of the electorate is moot in the united states we have to have before magic solutions political solutions and i think it's just the responsibility of the other looked over and says to compose these solutions and challenge mr bush to come to the negotiating table. are some better you imagined earlier the band that general assam were put on nuclear weapons last year what's the point of this non-binding ban voted for largely by countries without the clearest and when is it going to be at is it going to stop anything. you know we have several nuclear weapons the zones of the world and those zones were created by non-nuclear states the nuclear weapon free zones are working well because they are also signed by the nuclear weapon states in terms of protocols they've sent a laser nuclear weapon freeze on. african nuclear freeze all of that in american
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and so on no these are working very well so what i say is the fact that the nuclear weapons this have not agreed to the ban which was agreed on last year does not mean that the ban is totally useless because we are getting a large number of non-nuclear weapons there sort of demonstrated that they do not want to nuclear weapons so that's a positive step so as a whole disarmament will and basically aimed at preventing uncontrolled nonproliferation rather than getting rid of weapons of mass destruction in today's world is doing it's doing more of its wants to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons but it also wants to do. weapons already in the hands of andries must be reduced and there is nuclear disarmament so both what courses of action have to be taken but what that's what's one of them is
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a more realistic cause and them are realistic scenario which of them is working better there was a time when nuclear design members are also working very well because there will be moments between the two major nuclear weapons they're set is the or the soviet union and the united states to get rid of their where. they had started one and start two and needs are working well and fortunately there has been for some years now. it's hard to know this was iesous i think we need to really jump start the bilateral talks between the russian and. racial and the united states but it takes two to tango and therefore the leadership of both sides must be believed to do this to tell you something honestly can the united nations really do something about weapons of mass destruction beyond talking and accepting resolutions and we know what korea's example clearly shows here resolutions don't
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work is the u.n. relevant to efforts to control nuclear weapons or maybe some other organizations have to step in and if or of corby forms to deal with that well i think the united states and the united. other countries with nuclear weapons are ready to next step the leadership of the united nations if it makes it was a do and i think it's up to now will be secretary of the new set of the general to come up with a solution that we have with regard to north korea for example or some other countries we need to see because i think we have not explored the full extent of the willingness of the to talk on this issue so you don't feel like we need to form a separate body that would actually take care of that issue in particular there is
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no need to reinvent the wheel because we have sufficient number of organizations in the world to do it examined it will see asians there is a confluence of design wins in geneva which is the sort of multilateral negotiations body and maybe a special envoy is whether to us i think we have to just get around it is gender and make sure that the climate is set right for the libya to come to the negotiating table. the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has just recently said that confidence building measures are needed to help in nonproliferation and disarmament i mean what's confidence building measures it sounds like bureaucrats speak to me what does it mean here you must set the stage to make the new rules the actions there is a wee bit us in medieval see is that there is some rewards will there come to the
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negotiating table and i think if that was. the beginning don't need to come now already only significant piece of rope you both marching under the same pledge of the tutorial that they are we doing things which will be held at least in the republic of korea i think that's a step forward and be must work on that also that has been done will not disclose all the negatives but the city that he has got now is this just or that he is local which will be built or. bastard around the palace thank you for this interview we're talking to jay authored on apollo the former united nations undersecretary for disarmament affairs discussing their rail brace of the accidental nuclear catastrophe that is threatening our world and the need for nuclear disarmament that is it for this edition of sophie and co i will see you next time.
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that. russia's paralympian team is banned from the upcoming winter games there's some clean out plates will be allowed to compete as neutral. the athletes were implicated in the system so it's not a matter of if i think it's fair it's a matter of meeting a criteria that was approved by the receiver when a. decision comes as the well done to death in agency law which is the new probe into claims the latest generation songful containers can easily be tampered with.
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islamic state says it was behind an attack on the military academy in kabul which left eleven servicemen dead and another sixteen injured. it's the latest in a string of terrorist atrocities in afghanistan that have claimed more than a hundred lines. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international thought casting to you live from the russian capital i'm neki aaron good to have you with us. the international paralympic committee has upheld its ban on tame russia for the upcoming twenty eighteen winter games however clean russian athletes will be allowed to compete and south korea in march under a neutral flag artie's peta oliver has more from germany but what this means is the bomb that was in place for the rio summer games back in twenty sixteen has been
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held for the upcoming. winter power olympics unlike the able bodied athletes in which those taking part in the games will be referred to us and a limping athlete from russia in the case of power elites they will be referred to only as neutral athletes or athletes from a neutral country that means russia completely stripped from uniforms they'll be no russian flags and no russian national anthem those games now in hunting down the extension of this ban the president of the international paralympic committee said there had been group steps made by russia when it came to cleaning up vamping doping testing the system he said he had confidence in drug testing in sport in russia right now however he did point out that under this new system it was inevitable that clean athletes would be banned from taking part in the games in
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korea the after it's were implicated in the system so only the absolutes that we can prove and therefore they meet. strictly the criteria that was set up are the ones that we were allowed to compete so it's not a matter of if i think it's fair or not it's a matter of meeting a criteria that was approved by if you. put that into some figures if we look sixty seven russian athletes who tested ahead of the young child games all of those sixty seven well they were cleared of having done anything wrong have been taking any banned substances however only thirty to thirty five will likely get the option to compete neutral athletes all this comes on the same day as a news story broke regarding the sample bottles that are used to collect samples from athletes that are being tested to see if they've taken performance enhancing drugs now this all took place at the testing laboratory in cologne in germany where
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they found that when frozen these particular bottles were very easy to open why is that important you may ask well the whole reason is that when it's athlete gives a sample that actually gives two samples they're given a sample in a pool the a samples are tested immediately the piece samples are frozen and nuts used to either back up the findings of the a sample or to cast doubt over whether it was a false positive or not it's interesting that these bottles although we've only been in place. since september of last year the same company that made the bottles that were used in to back in twenty fourteen and those bottles of course that were at the very heart of all of the scandal surrounding russia in the olympics and the bombs that have been handed out for doping. before today's i.p.c. and now it's meant that work calls for a complete ban on team russia the head of germany's paralympic committee said the
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decision should not differ from that which was taken in rio however as we mentioned the i.p.c. has refrained from. a blanket ban due to the progress made by russia now this includes implementing a robust testing program for athletes as well as launching an anti doping education program for competitors and coaches it's also set up a whistle blower's hotline artie's eagles dunn of looks back at how the scandal unfolded. all of them have a disability but each and every one of them have proven themselves very able they spent years defying the odds training for the real twenty sixteen paralympics they had a dream but what they got instead was reality. delivered from the word year. and you don't want them totals war in the. world to know you. really. believe in all.
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my using smoke or else lois even if. you will approach the post but it is all very kind of them hitting your skull stormiest to start with but no but only when there's a target you look. these people are cheats apparently by the standards of the international paralympic committee at least weeks before the games in brazil the whole russian team was hit with a blanket ban not a single athlete allowed to participate the decision was based on a report it's evidence and key witness still suspicious to those named and shamed the mclaren investigation accused russia of running a labrador open scheme orchestrated by the kremlin store brass according to the report a key russian lab routinely swapped dirty samples for clean ones resealing the bottles how did the russians do it
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a lot of people would love to hear mclaren's take on this mclaren says his word is evidence enough i've seen it i've seen it done in i've instructed it and it can be done it can be reinserted we don't know how the russians did it but we know they can be done the report revolves around the eyewitness account of grigori watch and of he is the former head of moscow's anti doping lab and says he was one of the cogs in the doping conspiracy in russia he's a want. man facing charges for destroying doping samples and abusing authority this is a clear violation of the burden of proof and assumption of innocence it's a tickling and legally not acceptable in doping cases it is a well established rule you have to prove as a doping agency that for ninety nine point nine percent somebody has doped mclaren report is not proven enough to make
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a collective ban normal all athletes there must be something else and does else is politics presumption of innocence out of the window guilty by association these people have been stripped of everything their flag national anthem and colors. we care about how the russians competing so they have. the right policy but sure they are a clean nation never mind cleaned up they are to be a clean nation in the wake of the scandal russia admitted to having a doping problem and has since tightened the legal screws only a handful of countries across europe consider dropping a criminal offense russia now does yet the paralympic committees decision has been to ban and those guilty by association good sports capital punishment it was done
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of r.t. we discussed the latest i.p.t. decision with alan moore host of capital sports on moscow's capital f.m. radio station he thinks that all our fleet to can prove they are clean and should be allowed to compete. everything that is said today i mean it. is a little bit of given it that they are low so masterpiece between thirty thirty five to compete a lot of a still doesn't make sense because ultimately as we all know this diseases are based on an informant kind of wish to get away from russia so i mean did this based on roger and i think we have to be very careful in how we deal with this for pressure does astley to the power of astley's they are already presumed guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence been testing clean in the last twelve or seventeen months as mr parsons brought up they should be allowed to compete we go back to thirty or thirty five athletes will go right now we believe but i do believe just more twists introject to calling this tale. islamic state says it
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carried out an attack on a military academy in the afghan capital of kabul killing eleven servicemen and injuring sixteen local journalists belong to the wire reports from the ground there were five suicide attackers two of them killed by afghan national security forces and another two of them detonated their explosives and one of them was detained two said jacket a rocket propelled grenade in four forty seven's were seized the target almost to about four hours residence in that area reported hearing loud explosions there was the use of having small weapons so the fact that these militant groups can't really strike while in target these key military institutions as well as. security areas in kabul remains us.


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